Free Magic
Memes in C Minor
New mix for spring

Candi Stanton - You’ve Got the Love (House Apella) [Positivia] 
Farley Funkin Keith - Pump-N the Bass [Trax] 
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Meet Me In Salt Lake City (Soul Clap City Remix) [Under the Shade] 
Tony Watson - Passages [Ibadan] 
Mic Newman - Live East (Runaway Remix) [Fina] 
Mr. Fluff - El Toro [Love International] 
Edmund - Deep Deluxe [DeepClass] 
SAS - Give It To You (Dub) [Foot and Mouth] 
Deniz Kurtel - The L Word (feat. Jada) [Crosstown Rebels] 
Butch - A Positive Thang [Bouq.] 
Benny Blanko - Put Your Hands [Playhouse] 
Lewie Day - That’s the Thing [Murmur] 
FCL - Let’s Go [We Play House] 
Robert James - Sleep Moods [Hot Creations] 
Funky Chocolate - Deep Moods [FC] 
Ariane Blank - Fly Bee Fly (Ooft Dub Mix) [Brown Eyed Boyz] 
Olin - Resolutions [unsigned] 
John Johr - Baby [Left’d] 
Amrando - Don’t Take It (Johnny Fiasco Remix) [LPP] 
Ian Friday feat. Chris Rob - Found Myself (Yoruba Soul Instrumental) [TPM] 
Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo (Demo Version) [Ibadan] 
Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Booker T Dub) [Island]

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